Edmonds closes Sunset Avenue to allow pedestrians space for social distancing

EDMONDS, Wash. — The City of Edmonds closed a portion of Sunset Avenue North to most motorized traffic and parking, which started at noon Friday.

It’s to allow those walking in the area to maintain a 6-foot buffer zone for social distancing.

Officials closed the road from Edmonds Street to Caspers Street, but still permits those who live along that stretch to drive as needed.

The city said it expects larger crowds on the walkway as the weather gets warmer.

“Due to increased crowds, people have been walking in the street to maintain 6 feet social distance, while drivers are passing through on this already narrow road. With the nicer weather, increased numbers of vehicles and pedestrians were leading to a situation where it seemed like just a matter of time before someone got hurt,” said Edmonds Mayor Mike Nelson.

The closure is a pilot project, which may be altered depending on what happens in the coming weeks, officials said.