Driver injured after truck crashes into Edmonds home

EDMONDS, Wash. — The driver of a pickup truck was injured after he attempted to stop the vehicle from crashing into a home in Edmonds Thursday, according to South County Fire.

At about 11 a.m., the truck was parked when it started to roll down a hill toward the home.

When the driver attempted to stop the truck, he was seriously injured.

“The police and ambulance wasn’t here yet. He was lying on the ground,” said neighbor Greg.

Greg, who lives a few homes down, told KIRO 7 he had just missed the crash by five minutes. His main focus at the time was on the homeowner.

Neighbors say the man with the pickup was packing for vacation when his vehicle began rolling down the hill.

“I just happened to turn and the whole front of the house was caved in, so it was kind of a surprise,” Greg said.

Paramedics transported the man to Harborview Medical Center. His current condition is not known.

The home was left with broken glass and bent walls on the outside, along with a smashed front bumper of the truck.

The bedroom on the inside of the home was heavily damaged.

The homeowner told KIRO 7 his daughter was at home when it happened. Thankfully, she’s okay.

In a ‘freak accident’ like this, Greg believes timing was everything.

“This is a fairly busy street, and we get a lot of traffic and rolling across like that random, it could’ve been so much worse,” Greg said.

Due to the severe damage to the home, firefighters work to shore up an outer wall to help stabilize the building.

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