Dozens at Kirkland school told to stay home after 2 test positive for COVID-19

KIRKLAND, Wash. — Eighty-one people have been told to stay home after two people tested positive for COVID-19 at Kamiakin Middle School in Kirkland.

The latest case involves someone who Lake Washington School District officials said was both on a bus and inside the school itself.

That single case has resulted in 53 people needing to self-isolate.

“I mean four or five is understandable. But 50 — that’s shocking,” said Paul Williamson. He and his wife routinely walk to the middle school to get some exercise.

“It’s a nice school. That’s bad news,” he said.

A spokesperson for Lake Washington School District said, “The number of close contacts at this time is 53, but that number could increase or decrease based on the results of the investigation.”

They went on to say since there is currently no seating chart on board the buses, more children could be asked to stay home.

The first case was confirmed last week, sending 28 people home for self-isolation.

Austin Carter also lives near the school and said he knew it was only a matter of time before outbreaks like the one at Kamiakin Middle School happened. Now, he thinks there will be more cases.

“There’s an outbreak at my niece’s school,” he said. “They sent out communication right away, so it shows they are on top of it.”

The district stated families will be working with a medical coordinator to determine when their children can head back to class, adding, “Many factors play into the decision of a student returning to school: vaccination status, symptoms and other indicators help determine this time frame for each student.”