DOL warns of statewide license plate shortage

OLYMPIA, Wash. — On Tuesday, the Washington State Department of Licensing told KIRO 7 that there is a statewide license plate shortage.

If you have a temporary plate for a passenger vehicle you may be waiting a while before receiving your permanent one.

The shortage includes personalized and specialty plates.

As of now the shortage is only impacting passenger vehicles. Truck, trailer and motorcycle plates are not affected.

The DOL says there is a shortage because the Department of Corrections is replacing aging equipment. Yes, inmates do make license plates in Washington State.

The DOL tells KIRO 7 they are considering temporary solutions such as contracting a third-party vendor.

In the meantime, the DOL says that if you haven’t received a permanent plate before your temporary one expires, you can go to a local DOL office and get a new temporary plate. You can do this as many times as needed until you receive a permanent plate.

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