Dick’s Drive-In president responds to report of health violations

SEATTLE — Jasmine Donovan, president of Dick’s Drive-In restaurants, responded to the allegations of health and labor violations that were filed with the Department of Labor & Industries last week.

The allegations from five employees at two locations detailed multiple complaints. They included COVID-19 concerns, lack of hot water, management disregard of social distancing, mold, infrequent hand-washing, no enforcement with customers that refuse to wear a mask and insufficient safety equipment.

An email from the president addressed to their customers, stated that internal investigations into the claims show most of them are “demonstrably without merit.”

Donovan continued, “Other allegations could only reference isolated incidents because they would be blatant violations of our procedures, techniques, training and values.”

Upon hearing about the complaints, Dick’s conducted immediate inspections of the two locations in question and found all safety procedures and COVID-19 protocols have been followed along with no evidence of mold or mildew.

Donovan said, “All of our restaurants are regularly inspected by County Public Health Departments. Our restaurants are held up as examples of clean, safe and well-run kitchens. We continue to maintain Public Health’s highest ‘Excellent’ rating at all of our locations.”

The letter acknowledged the Queen Anne and Broadway locations are older buildings and the environment around them can be rough, noting the city of Seattle has been struggling over the last several years.

Both of those locations have hired full-time security for the safety of their employees and customers.