Dick’s Drive-In customers donate 24,000 burgers to frontline workers

SEATTLE — Dick’s Drive-In customers have donated 24,000 burgers to local hospitals and fire stations in less than four days.

The Seattle-based restaurant, along with its suppliers Macdonald Meats and Franz Franz Bakeries, are now matching the donations and are sending over 2,000 burger boxes made up of 24 burgers to workers on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic.

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“We knew our customers wanted to help,” Jasmine Donovan, president of Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants said in a news release. “It is amazing how much love they are sending.”

On Friday, Dick’s Drive-In said customers could purchase boxes for hospital workers. Dick’s Drive in said it would deliver the boxes to local hospitals.

Dick’s Drive-In is now working with hospitals and fire stations around their seven locations to distribute the donations.

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“We are sold out for now,” Donovan said. “And we are so excited to get those burgers out there as quickly as possible.”

The first Dick’s Drive-In opened Jan. 28, 1954 in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood at 111 N.E. 45th Street. Burgers were 19 cents, fries 11 cents and shakes were 21 cents.

Today, the company has seven locations: Wallingford, Broadway, Holman Road, Lake City, Queen Anne, Edmonds and Kent.