Des Moines man accused of shooting 11-year-old girl’s dog in front of her

DES MOINES, Wash. — According to charging papers, a Des Moines man has been charged with felony animal cruelty after he was accused of fatally shooting a girl’s dog while she was out walking him.

On Wednesday, Jan. 12, around 6:55 p.m., Des Moines police were called to the 1800 block of South 243rd Street after a report of shots fired.

According to police, an 11-year-old girl was out walking her dog, a 5-year-old boxer named Tyson, when the girl tripped and she lost control of the leash.

The girl told police Tyson began to chase another dog, a black lab named Max, and she yelled at Tyson to try and get him to return to her.

According to police, Curtis Madden, the owner of Max, shot Tyson after Tyson turned away from Max and was running back to the girl.

As Tyson circled the girl, wounded, Madden approached them and shot Tyson a second time, killing him.

According to the girl, Madden said, “Die, (expletive) dog,” when he fired the fatal shot into the limping and whining Tyson.

Initially Madden told police that Tyson attacked him, but upon further investigation, Madden told police Tyson did not attack him or his dog.

Madden was charged with animal cruelty in the first degree and reckless endangerment.