1 killed in police-involved shooting at Kirkland Safeway

Kirkland police are investigating the actions of Redmond police around 5 p.m. Thursday. 
A suspect was shot and killed by police outside the Kingsgate Safeway gas station at 14444 124th Avenue NE.
Kirkland police say the station on 124th Avenue Northeast is usually very busy at 5 p.m.
When KIRO 7’s crews arrived on scene shortly after the shooting, nearly all the pumps had vehicles and people fueling up, steps away from where officers opened fire.
Chopper 7 was above the shooting scene around 5:30 p.m. Video showed officers around a red pickup truck with bullet holes in the windshield. 
Jerry Grove says he was next to the action. He said he couldn’t believe what was happening when gunfire erupted.
“I'm thinking … the gas station's going to blow up... I'm rolling up my window thinking the gas station's going to blow up, people are filling up (and) there are stray bullets and sparks.”
Grove says his weekly trip to this gas station ended with him ducking bullets.
“I hear ‘Freeze -- police!’ I look over, there's three cops guns drawn telling the man he was under arrest.”

BREAKING: Chopper 7 is over the scene where there is a police-involved shooting in Kirkland at the Kingsgate Safeway. The scene is active. We're streaming this live on the KIRO 7 app and live updates throughout our newcast>> kiro.tv/LiveNews

Posted by KIRO 7 News on Thursday, June 14, 2018
Grove was in his pickup truck when Redmond police surrounded the pickup at the next pump, which was also red. He said he probably was the person closest to the action as the officers ordered the suspect to show his hands. “I heard the officers yell, 'Gun! Gun!' ...it wasn't maybe a second, second and a half (when he heard) five shots fire.”
Kirkland police later learned the incident involved Redmond police detectives. Kirkland police Lt. Robert Saloum said Kirkland police are not aware why Redmond detectives were in Kirkland dealing with a possible suspect, but he added that it’s not uncommon. “In any situation like this, we want to find out what occurred and make sure everybody did what they were supposed to do.”
Mark Honda said he was sitting in his car in Safeway when he heard the commotion. “I've been here 47 years never seen anything like this in my life.”
Honda said he heard the officers bark orders before the action. “Next thing, I heard shots rang out -- 10 to 12 shots.”
Kirkland police say it's now the lead agency on this investigation. Grove says he followed police instructions and walked away from the scene with his hands raised. He feels for the Redmond officers who made a split-second decision.
“I think they did everything correct... I'd want to go home to my kids.”
The Redmond officers performed CPR on the man, according to Kirkland police. Kirkland police say no one else was injured.

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