Crew from Orting helps clear Redmond roads

When a snowplow finally came through Redmond Ridge neighborhood Saturday, Keith Brooks had to do a double-take.

“When I saw the label, I thought maybe city of Redmond or something. But when I saw that on the side there that said City of Orting, I was just like going, 'Hh my God, are you kidding me?'” said Brooks with gratitude.

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That's right. This crew came from 50 miles away to help dig out folks, some of whom have been stranded in their homes with no way out.

“People's driveways are blocked. We're doing the best we can to clear the driveways for them so they can get in and out and pretty much get everything pushed to side so as this rain comes, there are places for the water to go as well,” explained Mark Barfield, a Public Works supervisor with Orting.

Because of all the snow and ice, some east King County communities remain buried in feet of snow. The National Guard even helped folks in North Bend.

When Orting heard the plea for help, they sent in their own crews and plows, working 12-hour days this weekend to help.

“I'm tickled pink. It's amazing that some other city like this, that far away, would be coming up and doing this,” Brooks said.

Brooks also expressed his gratitude in person and shook hands with Barfield and his partner Matt Bingham.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Brooks added. “You guys are just miracles.”

"Being able to come together as a community, even though local jurisdictions are so far apart. We're still a group that works together. It's nice to be able to help when you can in situations like this,” Barfield said.

The crew from Orting started clearing roads on Friday in the Redmond area. They will also be working Sunday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.