Judge orders Tim Eyman to give up home to pay off debt from campaign finance violations

A federal bankruptcy judge ordered Tim Eyman on Thursday to give up his share of a house to pay toward what he owes on a campaign finance judgment and to other creditors, according to a media release from the Office of Washington State Attorney General.

The resolution requires Eyman to sell his share of a Mukilteo house to Karen Williams, formerly Karen Eyman, who will purchase the home for $906,484 and continue to live there.

The proceeds of the sale will go toward a civil penalty of $2.6 million that Eyman was ordered to pay in April 2021 after he was convicted of violating Washington’s campaign finance law.

In addition to the civil penalty, Eyman was ordered to pay $2.9 million to cover the state’s court and investigative costs and fees.

According to the media release, Eyman has paid $538,840.98 toward the judgment and currently owes $5,628,456.42, including accrued interest.

According to the media release, Eyman filed for bankruptcy in Nov. 2018 before the trial “in an attempt to avoid accountability for campaign finance violations” related to a illegal kick-back scheme that the Public Disclosure Commission called “one of the most egregious” violations they had ever seen.