• Construction starting on final leg of 2nd Ave bike lane in Seattle

    By: John Knicely


    SEATTLE - One of the major corridors through downtown Seattle now has one less lane for vehicles in order to provide protection for bicyclists.

     Construction started Monday on the final leg of the protected bike lane on Second Avenue between Denny Way and Blanchard.

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    “I'm just excited for construction to finally be over,” said Aaron Feiger, who was hit by a dump truck five years ago while cycling in San Francisco.  He rides down Second avenue daily.

     “Broken shoulder, lacerations, could've been a lot worse.  So every day I bike as if I'm just trying to stay safe and stay alive.”

    The Seattle Department of Transportation told KIRO 7 that daily on Second Avenue, there are 14,000 cars, more than 700 cyclists, and more than 600 medium to heavy trucks.

    “I cringe every time I have to come here,” said David Hall of Tacoma, who drives into downtown Seattle a handful of times per year.  “If it takes away a lane for cars, that's kind of a bad thing, but I know that bicyclists need their lane, too.”

    The bike lanes are funded by the $930 million voter-approved Move Seattle levy.  

    “I think it's going to be a good thing to help with the flow of traffic for cyclists and cars,” said Sean Bradley, who lives in Belltown.  “I think as more people have the opportunity to get in bike lanes, it will reduce car traffic.”

    Once completed, the lane closest to the curb will be for bicycles only.  Then you have the barrier to protect the cyclists. The next lane over will be for parking for vehicles, and then the far right two lanes will be for moving traffic.

    Construction on the last section is expected to take four weeks and will give cyclists a protected lane from Denny Way all the way through downtown.

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