• Comparing the options for getting to Sea-Tac for holiday travel

    By: Graham Johnson


    On this big week for holiday travel, here's a comparison of your options for getting to Sea-Tac Airport, including some that are new this year.

    Besides getting a friend or relative to take you for free, the cheapest way is to take a bus or light rail.

    Sound Transit's Link Light Rail costs $3 per adult from downtown.

    The trip takes 38 minutes, and you'll have to manage your bags.

    Taxis have a flat $40 rate from downtown.

    The Shuttle Express website quoted a ride on Wednesday from downtown to the airport for $33.

    Uber prices vary based on demand.

    Late Tuesday morning, Uber-X estimates from downtown began just under $26.

    New this holiday season, car-share members with three companies can now drop off vehicles at the WallyPark garage near the airport and catch a shuttle.

    Prices vary with travel time.

    "We have a great option for getting to the airport," said Holly Hauser of BMW's ReachNow.

    She estimated a trip costing about $16.

    Car2Go is a little cheaper -- about $13 dollars for a very small car.

    "It's a very convenient, fast and easy way to get to the airport," said Michael Hoitink of Car2Go.

    Zipcar says a drive to the airport that takes 30 minutes or less will cost $5.

    But sometimes, you just want to drive your own car.

    The most convienent parking is the airport garage, which is running a special -- $130 for seven days.

    "Look to the off-site lots and you'll probably save a lot of money," said analyst Bob Pishue, of the traffic data company INRIX. 

    "Travelers could save around $80 or $85 by parking at an off-site facility versus at the airport," Pishue said.

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