Community support pours in for WSP trooper who was nearly shot to death

Support is pouring in for the Washington State trooper shot at least five times while trying to stop a DUI suspect in Kent. The hail of bullets caused at least nine bullet hole injuries, according to court documents.

Now in just few days, a GoFundMe for Trooper Ray Seaburg and his family has raised more than $100,000.

The fundraiser, verified as authentic by the GoFundMe staff, says that Seaburg is the sole provider for his wife and three kids, and would pick up overtime shifts to supplement his family’s income.

People who know Seaburg say while it was shocking to hear who was hurt – and shot so many times – what’s not surprising is seeing the overwhelming support now.

“Ray is well respected and well known, and lots of people are loving him and really think that he’s a great guy. They are rooting for him to come through,” said a neighbor who KIRO 7 is only identifying as Brad for the privacy of the Seaburg family.

Seaburg was working DUI emphasis patrol in the Kent area when things went wrong. The suspect – now identified as 31-year-old Jason Posada – didn’t stop. Investigators say Posada crashed into another car, then got out and ran.

Seaburg chased him into an apartment complex on West James Place. The two ended up in a struggle, and documents say the suspect shot Seaburg, leaving five shell casings in the area and nine bullet holes on Seaburg’s body - including some that were entry and exit wounds.

Neighbors say they’ve watched Seaburg leaving for work to protect the community.

“As somebody who does their job every day, leave home every day, I’ve watched him do that for 21 years and watched him come home every day,” said Terri, another neighbor.

But that Friday, February 16, Seaburg didn’t return home.

The verified GoFundMe says Seaburg suffered a “severed femoral artery” and that Kent police officers and troopers arrived quickly, applying life-saving tourniquets to both of Seaburg’s legs.

“It’s fortunate that it’s not something that killed him – it could have easily killed him,” Brad said.

More than a week later, Seaburg is still in the hospital at Harborview Medical Center.

“I hope we can all be there for him,” Brad said.

“We all know how crazy the freeways are. You have to be thankful there’s somebody out there doing what they do,” Terri said.

The suspect, Posada, was arrested shortly after the crime spree and has an extensive criminal history -- including eight felony convictions.