Comcast resolves internet outage in Kent and Renton

KENT, RENTON, Wash. — Comcast internet was out in the Renton and Kent areas for over a day, starting Saturday.

Customers received a notification with no ETA of when the internet will be restored. Many viewers contacted KIRO 7 reporting outages as far as Sea-Tac, Burien, and South Seattle.

We spoke to customers outside a closed Comcast store in Kent, looking for answers.

“Apparently we lost internet yesterday around 4 p.m. at my house in Renton, now we’re here at Xfinity in Kent trying to see what’s going on,” says one customer. “They’re not saying anything at all, they’re just telling us to go to a different store, so they’re not giving us any kind of answer of what happened or what caused the problem at all.”

A Puget Sound Fire Chief said there was no indication the outage affected 911 service.

The City of Kent tweeted an update from Comcast and Xfinity, around 4:30 p.m., saying, “It appears parts of the surrounding areas have been impacted by a fiber optics line cut causing the current service interruption. Working as quickly, and safe as possible toward a solution.”

Comcast told KIRO 7 the outage was repaired at around 6 p.m. on nSunday. Officials confirmed the outage was the result of vandalism.