City releases video showing collapse of Pier 58

Seattle city officials released a surveillance video during a Tuesday press conference that showed the partial collapse of Pier 58.

>> Part of Pier 58 collapses, two construction workers injured

The pier collapsed Sunday evening, injuring two workers in the process. The two men were taken to Harborview Medical Center in satisfactory condition; the 42-year-old man was discharged and the 30-year-old male remains at the hospital.

In the video, the pier collapsed quickly and fell straight down into the water. Officials said it didn’t damage any surrounding structures, and the two workers were not hit with any debris.

Watch the full video below:

Seven crew members were working on the rotting pier when about 20% of it fell into the Puget Sound. That triggered an alarm mechanism, and the pier was evacuated.

In early August, Pier 58 was closed when the city discovered the 46-year-old structure was deteriorating quickly and had become an immediate danger.

>> Seattle’s Waterfront Park closed after engineers discover gap in Pier 58

On Friday, monitors indicated the pier was rotting even faster than first thought. So the next day, the lead contractor, Houston-based Orion Marine Contractors, began removing the heaviest portion of the pier to prevent it from collapsing.

City officials said the removal of the pier will continue when it is deemed safe to do, and an evaluation will take place to better understand how unstable it is.

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