Chilling love triangle murder and a roommate’s strange involvement

KING COUNTY, Wash. — This week, disturbing new details were revealed in court about a murder case out of South King County. Charging documents say the victim was stabbed more than a dozen times, including in “the face, head, and genitalia.” The victim was also shot at least twice.

Investigators say his body was then dumped in South Seattle about 10 miles away from the initial crime scene in Des Moines, in the 2000 block of S. Kent Des Moines Road.

Prosecutors believe the suspect’s motive was linked to a love triangle and that the victim was involved in an affair with the suspect’s girlfriend.

Investigators tracked down the 28-year-old murder suspect to apartments in Kent in the 6000 block of S. 238th Place and arrested him last Wednesday. However, the case that spans three crime scenes is far from over.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, a roommate who was not part of the love triangle got tangled in the aftermath of the apparent homicide.

“I came home, and police were everywhere,” said Vic Buford, who lives in the Des Moines apartment complex where the murder happened.

That was Monday, but the chain of events started several days before police showed up. Court documents say the suspect, 28-year-old Kyle Mccullough, found out his girlfriend was having an affair. His girlfriend reported there was an argument on the morning of June 17, a Friday.

Investigators say Mccullough sent a text message to the other man, 26-year-old David Aguayo, that read, “U lucky to be alive.”

Based on statements from the victim’s roommate, prosecutors believe Mccullough killed Aguayo later that same day.

“I was actually really scared,” said Sina, another neighbor who declined to share his last name.

KIRO7 crews knocked on the door where the murder happened. A woman who didn’t want to be on camera said she was helping clean the unit because the tenants were moving out. She said she knew the victim “a little bit.”

“He’s a good kid. He didn’t deserve that,” she said.

The victim’s body was discovered on Monday inside a “large plastic tote.” He was dumped along a quiet road by the Duwamish River in South Seattle near Skyway in the 13000 block of Beacon Coal Mine Road.

“A person says they saw him carry that tote bag out Saturday morning,” Buford said.

“That road down there, people dump garbage there. It’s isolated, it’s a good place to dump a body,” said Jim Hill, a resident in the neighborhood.

Court documents say the murder victim’s roommate actually witnessed part of the crime. He told police he saw “Kyle Mccullough bent over the top of David,” “holding a knife,” and “blood covering David’s head and face.”

However, court documents indicate the roommate did not call the police.

Instead, a few days later, he “told (the victim’s sister) where she could find her brother.” The victim’s sister followed his directions and went to the remote road. There she discovered the tote and called 911.

Neighbors in Des Moines say they’ve talked with the roommate since the murder. Now some wonder if he should be held responsible too.

“Nonchalant, like he don’t care. He doesn’t think he did anything wrong,” Buford said. “He cut out the carpets because he said he didn’t want to look at it no more. But he didn’t call the police or anything, that’s what I don’t understand.”

Investigators tracked down Mccullough and arrested him on Wednesday, June 22.

KIRO7 also went to the apartment where the suspect was living with his girlfriend, but no one answered the door.

The suspect is currently being held on $3 million bail.

Investigators say they are still looking into the roommate’s involvement and can’t comment yet if there will be any charges.