Caught on camera: Mercer Island porch pirate dresses like Amazon delivery driver

“Feels very violating to have someone come into your space and take your things,” says Michelle Carle, after a porch pirate targeted her family’s home on Mercer Island last Friday afternoon.

She says she got a call from her husband saying he saw someone on their home security video taking packages off their deck.

That was about an hour after a previous delivery.

Checking the video, Carle was stunned to notice the thief was dressed as an Amazon delivery driver.

“I was surprised. I checked to see if he was the same Amazon guy who dropped the stuff off a couple hours before and there was a different Amazon guy. The vest looked pretty legitimate, so maybe he was a former employee or a roommate of an employee,” said Carle.

Carle was also surprised to see the guy casually swipe a box with a drawer inside, a bag of groceries -- then, as he appeared to walk away, return to take another package that contained a bike sprocket, all worth about $300.

“I was mostly just shocked at just the audacity of somebody to walk down the street and steal things and then turn around to steal more things. It was quite nervy,” she said.

And one item was especially personal -- the gourmet groceries bought for a special meal.

“For me -- my husband and kids were supposed to make it for Mother’s Day. So, I hope he made something nice for his mother because she has a terrible child,” said Carle.

Carle said they have no idea what vehicle the thief was driving.

She added she filed a police report, and that Amazon contacted her and is now investigating.