Café Racer in North Seattle closing its doors for good Wednesday

SEATTLE — Café Racer is known to locals in Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood for its music and art scene.

Nationally, it drew the spotlight 2012 when a gunman's rampage started there. Five people were killed.

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Since then, Café Racer has struggled and owner Kurt Geisell told KIRO 7 he’s closing the doors for good after Wednesday night.

“I only have so much money to keep it going,” Geisell said.  “And business has been down a little bit.”

The announcement on Facebook has been met with dozens of comments of encouragement and sadness.  The regulars remember the cafe for all the good times.

But it’s permanently scarred after Ian Stawicki came in randomly in May 2012 and started shooting. He killed four people in the café and another person in downtown Seattle 30 minutes later before killing himself.

But that’s not what Geisell is focused on as he prepares to shut his doors.

“It's hard to see the forest through the trees,” Geisell said Tuesday.  “But you know, there's been so many good things that have happened there.  And you know I gave it my all.”

He’s still hoping for a last ditch effort in this final hour for somebody to buy the business and keep it running as Café Racer.  He says he'll leave his business grateful for the relationships he found there.

“I wouldn't be who I am without them and the feedback I've gotten from people is they wouldn't be who they are without the café,” Geisell said as he fought back tears.  “And that is great.”