Burien residents say teens terrorized apartment complex, nearly hitting a toddler with a frying pan

Some Burien residents are on edge after they say a group of teens attacked multiple units in one day with bricks, stones, and a frying pan.

“We’re all kind of honestly on edge of what’s next,” said resident Megan Myerski.

Days later, Myerski is still traumatized from what happened Sunday night. She said it all started when she and her boyfriend heard a commotion outside their apartment.

She tells KIRO 7 they tried to step in to keep the noise down when things quickly got violent.

“There was a bunch of kids out here fully going like attacking my boyfriend and full verbal attacking one another,” she explained.

That’s when she and other neighbors decided to call the cops. When deputies showed up, the group dispersed.

But Myerski says 30 minutes later, they were back.

“At the same time, you hear bom bom bom pshhh  - all of them hit at the same time,” she described.

She said rocks and bricks were flung at her front windows.

“We opened my daughter’s door, she’s completely laid down in glass. She’s shocked, she doesn’t know what to think at this point. Her whole entire ear is just filled with glass,” she explained.

Myerski says it was her worst nightmare, when a frying pan shattered her 6-year-old daughter’s window with her toddler son sleeping on the other side of the room.

“Any other window I would’ve taken. We have a bedroom window, we have big glass windows and they chose this one and now it’s become really scary,” she added.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end there.

Myerski explained the teens came back and struck at least two other units the same day.

One neighbor had their window broken and another had their patio damaged.

“It was loud he threw it really hard and they were intending to hit a person so that’s the scary part about it,” said Annie Mix.

Mix lives upstairs from Myerski and heard the attacks happen.

She’s scared that it could happen again and wants the group of teens to know that this goes beyond just damaged windows.

“They need to be reprimanded in a way that they know this is not acceptable behavior and they’re not just affecting one person but they’re affecting everybody in this neighborhood by their actions and their behavior,” said Mix.

Some residents at the complex are so terrified that they’re looking to move out if the group isn’t caught.

The King County Sheriff’s Office told KIRO 7 there are no suspects in custody and it’s an ongoing investigation.