Burglars target new restaurant in Green Lake area twice in just days

SEATTLE — A brand-new restaurant in Seattle’s Green Lake area was targeted by burglars twice in less than a week.

The owners were gearing up for their grand opening.

Feed Co. Burger Central managed to open its doors on Thursday as steady crowds poured in all day.

Burglars first hit the restaurant on Sunday morning, ransacking the restaurant.

Police said two men sawed through a safe and left the place trashed.

The second burglary happened Thursday morning.

“Someone else broke in but they actually left the store really neat and didn’t do much. So that’s how we were able actually to open today,” a store representative told KIRO 7.

Surveillance video shows the burglar entering after picking the lock, going behind the counter and pouring himself a soda, before he calmly walks out.

The owner of the restaurant said she has put in more security systems and is thankful for the great support from the community.