Burglars hit iconic business in Tacoma’s Hilltop area 3 times in a week

TACOMA, Wash. — Smash and grab burglars have hit one of Tacoma’s iconic businesses three times in a week.

Owners and managers of Mr. Mac Ltd, which is located in the Hilltop neighborhood, told KIRO 7 that the string of burglaries started early last week.

Burglars smashed one of the business’ front windows, grabbed clothes off the rack and took off, KIRO 7 was told.

It happened again a couple of days later and then again last Sunday.

“When the first time they hit, you know, you get it. The second time, you start thinking. The third time, your mind is running wild,” said Pastor Gregory Christopher, president of the Tacoma Ministry Alliance.

Representatives of the store said thousands of dollars of merchandise was stolen.

The store’s windows have been boarded up and will need to be replaced.

The store has put down money to add security cameras.

No arrests have been made in these burglaries.