Burglaries of Seattle businesses increasing during stay-at-home order, police say

SEATTLE — Officers with the Seattle Police Department say the number of reports of burglaries of local businesses has nearly doubled during the stay-at-home order.

Police said during the last week they received 104 reports of burglaries compared to 54 during the same time last year.

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Many businesses have closed during the statewide stay-at-home order issued by Gov. Inslee on March 23.

On Thursday, Inslee extended the order through May 4 -- meaning more businesses could be targeted by burglars.

Police gave the following tips to help deter criminals and protect your business:

  • Make sure your business’s address and signage are visible from the street
  • Post emergency contact information at the front and rear of your business.
  • Ensure all doors can be locked with deadbolts.
  • Install latch guards no smaller than 11 inches over locks.
  • Windows should have secure locks and shatter-resistant glass.
  • Consider installing security film on vulnerable windows.
  • Remove expensive items from visible store displays.
  • Keep your business well-lit inside and out.
  • Leave registers open and obviously empty after closing.
  • Consider installing cameras and alarm systems.
  • Have mail stopped and held at the post office or forwarded to another location.
  • Check on your business regularly and work with neighboring business owners to keep an eye on each others’ storefronts.
  • For carryout businesses, move tip jars behind customer service counters and add additional signage to let customers know your business accepts tips.