Bremerton High School making temporary switch to remote learning due to staffing shortage

BREMERTON, Wash. — Bremerton High School will be transitioning to virtual learning on Thursday and Friday of this week due to staffing shortages, the district announced Tuesday.

The district says there is an increase in staff absences at the school due to a variety of illnesses, including COVID-19.

As the district is also experiencing a substitute teacher shortage, it does not have adequate staffing to be able to teach all classes in-person, despite BHS and district office staff stepping in to help cover classes.

While the district plans to resume in-person learning at BHS on Monday, it will evaluate staffing levels at the school on Sunday and provide families with an update by 8 p.m.

All other schools in the district will continue with in-person learning.

For more details, visit the Bremerton School District website.