Booster shot recommendations could create vaccine logjam in the Pacific Northwest

SEATTLE — The Biden administration is expected to announce soon that people should get a COVID-19 booster shot eight months after their last shot.

This could create a logjam of people trying to get the shot this winter in the Pacific Northwest.

The delta variant of COVID-19 has spurred interest in vaccinations, especially when it comes to a booster shot.

In theory, this winter you could come to pharmacies and get that third dose. The delta variant is just one reason why that booster may be required for all age groups who are fully vaccinated.

“We live in a society of people, we live in the city, there are many people and we’re all trying to protect each other from the other variants,” Seattle resident Ben Ruffins said.

For Ruffins, being fully vaccinated meant being free after a year of COVID-19 restrictions.

Now with the variant, people are wondering whether they could be the next breakthrough case or next carrier to spread COVID-19.

These are some of the reasons federal health officials could recommend a booster shot over the winter.

“I think especially in the context of the new variant that likely will require high levels of protective antibodies, I think that booster is really going to help with that,” said Dr. Bernard Khor, principal investigator at the Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason.

Dr. Khor said that having a booster shot eight months after being vaccinated would not be a surprise.

The booster plan would impact the vast majority of Americans. Anyone who received the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine will be told to get a third dose eight months after being fully vaccinated.

This could start in September when the vaccines are fully approved by the FDA.

Across America, COVID-19 cases are rising and overwhelming hospitals. In Washington, the chief medical officer for UW Medical Center said just a few days ago that ICU capacity was essentially 100%.

That has resulted in the postponement of non-essential surgeries.

Many are watching to see what happens with the third potential booster shot.