Blind dog and his guide dog rescued, adopted by Yakima couple

Dorothy and John from 'Salem Dogs.'

YAKIMA, Wash. — A blind dog and his guide dog were adopted together this spring by a couple living in Yakima, Washington.

In April, three dogs were left in the yard of an Oregon man formerly involved in the rescue of Dachshunds.




The man no longer rescues Dachshunds, but knew to drive the abandoned dogs to a shelter nearby.

One was put up for adoption by Marion County Dog Services -- but Herbie and Hilda, two who had uniquely bonded, were taken to a small rescue facility in Salem called Salem Dogs.

Herbie and Hilda are both around 3-4 years old. Herbie is blind and Hilda is his seeing-eye guide dog.

The two dogs were treated and cared for by the Willamette Valley Animal Hospital.

"We appreciate them so much," Diane Young with Salem Dogs said of the animal hospital's work, adding that rehabilitation is necessary in order to re-home rescued dogs.

Herbie and Hilda were later put up for adoption by Young. The third, black dog, put up for adoption by Marion County Dog Services, quickly found a new forever home.

Young takes in dogs that can't go up for adoption right away, working with the caring staff at Marion County Dog Services and Shelter. Young says they call her often. "I think they have me on speed dial," she said.

In late April, she shared Herbie and Hilda's details over Salem Dogs' Facebook page.

"They must go together," she wrote.

A couple in Yakima, Dorothy and John Sinnar, was chosen to take the two home, after phone and email conversations. Dorothy and John's veterinarian also gave them a glowing recommendation.

The couple have had doxies for years; they are very familiar with the breed.

"You couldn't find a better home," the veterinarian said of the Sinnars.

The Sinnars drove to Oregon from Yakima in their motor home to meet Herbie and Hilda. When they arrived, the couple had already built a platform that extended from the bottom of the motor home's stairs to the ground, to ease Herbie and Hilda's entrance into and exit from the RV.

The couple took the dogs on a trip to the blue coast of the Pacific Ocean, to get to know them and celebrate their adoption.

The Sinnars took Herbie and Hilda to their new forever home in Washington state in early June.