Bellingham beaver blocking traffic taken into ‘protective custody’

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Beavers that emerged from brush along a Bellingham road blocked traffic before one was eventually taken into custody.

Bellingham officers were called to Aldrich Road Thursday afternoon after getting reports that the animals were being a traffic hazard, but when they arrived, one beaver fled the scene and eluded officers.

Police said a second beaver, which may have been hurt, moved much slower, but officers didn’t want to get too close, as one officer was involved in an “unpleasant situation” with one in the past.

“Knowing these weren’t the usual suspects, reinforcements (Whatcom Humane Society and Washington Fish and Wildlife) were called,” the Bellingham Police Department said on its Facebook page.

But before experienced handlers could arrive, the second beaver absconded into thick brush.

Thursday evening, the beaver emerged near Meridian and Telegraph, where it again proceeded to block traffic.

“The beaver was taken into protective custody by BPD and transported to Fish and Wildlife. Hopefully, it will get the help it needs and give up living dangerously on the streets of Bellingham,” BPD said.