Bellevue offers free trees to residents for fourth year straight

BELLEVUE, Wash. — The City of Bellevue is giving free trees to its residents and community organizations.

Announced Friday, Bellevue is accepting applications from its residents and community organizations to get free trees as part of its goal of improving the city’s tree equity score.

This is the fourth annual giveaway and the city plans to give away 700 trees including flowering, deciduous and evergreen trees.

The city will prioritize those residents and organizations that are in neighborhoods that have fewer trees.

Renters are also qualified but must have written permission from the property manager or owner.

Tress will be handed out on October 25 and 26 with the option to receive watering bags and mulch at no cost.

Applicants will be notified if they are selected starting in early September.

Trees improve air quality, absorb greenhouse gases, slow stormwater runoff and provide beneficial shade during hot summer days.

In 2023, the city gave away 750 trees to it residents and organizations.

To apply for a free tree, residents can visit the Bellevue website.

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