Bellevue adopts proclamation defining antisemitism

BELLEVUE, Wash. — On Monday, the city of Bellevue adopted a clear and internationally recognized definition of antisemitism to identify and fight anti-Jewish hate. It was read as an official proclamation during the City Council meeting.

Bellevue is the first city in the Pacific Northwest to adopt this type of proclamation, which is used in many other cities around the globe.

The same internationally recognized definition of antisemitism has already been adopted by more than 800 nations, 19 U.S. states, and a number of universities.

The American Jewish Committee, which crafted the language of the working definition, applauded the move. It comes after Seattle-area Jewish leaders told KIRO 7 that antisemitic incidents in schools, attacks on social media and graffiti hate have become more common.

In a survey by the American Jewish Committee, 9 out of 10 American Jews believe antisemitic hate is a serious problem in the nation.

One out of every four people said they have been targeted by antisemitism.

Nearly 4 in 10 American Jews said they have changed their behavior, such as how they post on social media, and even what they wear in public to avoid being seen as Jewish.

The AJC is encouraging more local governments to recognize and adopt the working definition to show there is no room for targeted hate of any kind, anywhere.

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