Bartell Drugs closing downtown Seattle location over crime concerns

SEATTLE — Local drugstore chain Bartell Drugs says it’s closing a downtown location over crime concerns.

In March, surveillance video obtained by KIRO 7 showed a group of people who wandered in from the street, knocking items over and harassing employees inside the 3rd and Union location.

On Friday, Bartell Drugs confirmed the location will shut down before the lease ends.

Bartell Drugs' CEO Kathi Lentzsch told KIRO 7 the cost of stolen items is too high.

Lentzsch previously told KIRO 7 Barell Drugs would not be opening any new stores in downtown Seattle due to the crime.

“It’s a concern. I think we’re sweeping it under the rug. The city council, the mayor, the state, the judicial system, the community -- we all have to come together to figure this out,” Lentzsch said.

However, Bartell Drugs is set to open a new location in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.

Bartell Drugs' officials said they considered backing out of their Belltown plans, but are now holding out hope that similar criminal incidents don’t follow them to their new location.

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