Thieves use sledgehammer in Ballard pot shop smash-and-grab

SEATTLE — Surveillance video from the American Mary cannabis dispensary in Ballard shows masked suspects using a sledgehammer to smash their way into the store Sunday and steal handfuls of marijuana and cannabis products worth thousands of dollars.

The four suspects captured on video were in and out of the store in less than 60 seconds.

"None of our scanners, nothing electronic," said American Mary employee CJ Williamson. "They literally just cleared out the cases."

The store's owner said the smash-and-grab happened around 2 a.m. Sunday at the store on 17th Avenue NW and estimates the thieves got away with close to $10,000 worth of merchandise. Video from inside the store Sunday showed empty display cases.

"I was wondering if they were moving or something because it was kind of odd," said customer Michael Snyder. "But, you know, put two and two together really quick."

The suspects covered their faces and appeared to be wearing gloves. It does not appear the store's cameras captured the license plate of the suspects' getaway car they parked out front.

The store's owner said Sunday night that he had not been notified by police of any arrests. Contact police with information related to the suspects' identities.

Below is surveillance video of the thieves burglarizing the pot shop.

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