Attempt to buy $12K worth of items with stolen check leads police to suspicious items in truck

MONROE, Wash. — Police recovered hundreds of checks, drugs, shaved keys, suspected stolen goods and more after suspects tried to buy $12,000 worth of merchandise with a stolen check, according to the Monroe Police Department.

Investigators said that on Jan. 3, police were called to a Lowe’s home improvement store and found the suspects, who tried to make the large purchase at the store, inside a pickup in the parking lot.

PHOTOS: Suspected stolen items, heroin, IDs found in suspect’s truck

Police said in the back of the truck were three large TVs, and officers saw drug paraphernalia through the window. One of the suspects was arrested on an outstanding warrant for DUI and the truck was impounded while officers obtained a search warrant.

Once the warrant was served on the truck, police said they found hundreds of checks to and from multiple people, 9.7 grams of heroin, multiple social security cards, ID, W-2 forms, more than 30 keys -- including shaved keys -- ledgers, four flat screen TVs, numerous retail items, brass knuckles and receipts.

So far, police said the suspects are linked to a burglary and multiple fraudulent purchases.

Detectives are continuing to investigate and charges are pending.

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