Around the Sound: Woodland Park Zoo hosts Pumpkin Bash ahead of Halloween

SEATTLE — Trick or treating is a go-to for kids this Halloween, but animals need some love too!

Woodland Park Zoo is hosting Pumpkin Bash, a treat for guests, and your favorite zoo animal!

“This weekend we’re very excited. We’re throwing our pumpkin bash ahead of Halloween. We’re going to have a lot of fall theme enrichment for our animals. They’re going to be smashing pumpkins and eating them, it’s going to be a great time,” Woodland Park Zoo Public Relations Specialist Craig Newberry said.

The zoo will even have a schedule on its website with times staff will feed different animals pumpkins.

“Some of the animals like the hippos, rhinos, even maybe our lemurs, all kinds of animals will be getting pumpkins there will be pumpkins everywhere. Our hippos really enjoy putting it in their mouth and crunching it like a big grape or something,” Newberry said.

This tradition has been a Halloween fan favorite at the zoo, but there will be more than just watching animals squash the squash.

“We’re going to have a costume parade at one point there will be a scavenger hunt for kids. We encourage everyone to dress up in costume. It’s going to be a fun and festive time,” Newberry said.

Head to the Woodland Park Zoo this weekend for spooky fun from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Catch the costume parade, scavenger hunt, and enjoy plenty of candy.