Around the Sound: Seattle Restaurant Week

SEATTLE — It’s that time of year again! Seattle Restaurant Week, but you only have a few more days to take advantage of these great deals.

With over 200 participating restaurants with special menus to choose from, you’re sure to find a new favorite! If you’re craving hummus, a unique, spicy, sweet potato dish, or if you’re adventurous enough to try a mushroom kabob, Hanoon has you covered this Restaurant Week.

“It’s super exciting to be a part of Seattle Restaurant Week, we’re one of eight restaurants participating on the Eastside so it’s a really great way to showcase Hanoon for both lunch and dinner. We’re doing a $20 combo for lunch and a $35 combo for dinner,” Mama Group Executive Chef, Nicco Murratore said.

This new restaurant isn’t a newcomer when it comes to the Seattle food scene. Chances are you’ve been to one of the Mama Group’s restaurants like Mamnoon, m bar, Manna, or Street Eats. The style of food is similar between restaurants but with some key differences. Seattle restaurant, Hanoon, wants to show off one of their signature dishes.

“For lunch, you get a choice of mezze so folks can choose one of our four classic mezzes. Hummus, baba ghanoush, muhammara, or lebneh, that comes with some nice fresh baked Arabic bread, then they get to choose one of our wraps for lunch, so chicken shawarma, falafel wrap, folks get to choose one of the wraps, and they get a tahini chocolate chip cookie for dessert!” Murratore said.

For dinner, you can expect another choice of mezze, a mid course, then a main choice of either shish tawook, or marinated mushroom kabob.

“On the Seattle Restaurant Week tour, folks should come into Hanoon because we have such a wide array of offerings, so if you come in with a table of four, you can try all four mezzes, everyone gets something different and everyone can share. You can get one of each of the entrees, one of each of the vegetables, and really create a family-style menu at a great price point. You can also come in by yourself and taste three dishes plus a dessert for $35, so it’s an amazing deal and it’s a way we want to introduce people to our cuisine,” Murratore said.

Seattle Restaurant Week runs through Saturday, Nov. 4, so be sure to visit soon.

Full list of restaurants: https://srweek.org/