Around the Sound: Seattle Christmas Market

Get ready to step into a European village for the very first time in Seattle!

“It’s a traditional German Christmas market with over sixty food beverage and merchandise vendors. Basically, if you were to go to Germany and experience a German Christmas market, this is what you could expect,” Seattle Christmas Market President Denise Wegner said.

Founder Malte Klutz has been working on transporting Seattleites to Germany with the immersive Christmas village for the last thirty years, like he has with the Vancouver Christmas Market.

“He’s always been working on bringing it to Seattle so he’s super excited to finally have it here and introduce it to the community and we’re also looking forward to seeing the guests embracing it as part of their Christmas tradition like they have in Vancouver,” Klutz said.

At the Seattle Christmas Market, you can experience different German foods, wine, entertainment, and shops. There’s always something new you can try.

“What we really want to achieve while bringing the Seattle Christmas market to the Seattle Center is creating a new world for people. Offering an opportunity for people to immerse themselves in a different world. So they almost forget they’re in downtown Seattle, it actually feels like you’re in Europe all of a sudden,” Klutz said.

Head to the Seattle Center from Friday, November 24th to December 24th to see the Fischer Pavilion transformed to look like a German cityscape!

More information at seattlechristmasmarket.com.