Around the Sound: Seattle Arab festival

SEATTLE — The Seattle Arab Festival is this weekend at the Seattle Center! For two days the Seattle Center will be lined up with a full schedule of endless activities, good eats, and performances!

“We have a lot of vendors with handmade crafts that resemble Arab culture, food, sweets, a lot of traditional clothing being sold, a lot of booths representing different countries.” Co-Director Aymen Almasri said.

There are 22 Arab countries and even though the language is similar, not all are alike.

“Every day I get exposed to something that one of the team is saying about a country and I’m like what?! The colors, different traditions, people in their way of getting dressed, food, everything is very different and interesting.” Co- Director Amani AbouAmmo said.

There will be ten countries represented at this years festival. The festival starts at 11 am and goes to 7 pm both Saturday and Sunday. The Seattle Arab foundation is encouraging everyone to come out to this family friendly event!