Around the Sound: Bite of Seattle

SEATTLE — There are thousands of mouths to feed this weekend at Bite Of Seattle. This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you’ll be able to taste a variety of food from over 200 vendors, and Hatch Cantina is on crunch time.

“The goal is that you go to each different vendor and see what’s unique about them and get an idea for that. Some of the booths are offering larger plates if you want to get something more satisfying, or if you want to sample from everybody, there’s more affordable plates between six to eight dollars so you can grab bites and go around. There’s a bunch of music going on, too, so you can just sort of hang out,” Hatch Cantina chef and co-owner, Phill Crowder said.

The preps leading up to this weekend’s three-day-long event are no joke. Chef Phill said they’ve ordered thousands of pounds of products to feed the crowds.

Though very labor intensive, Chef Phill says he looks forward to Bite Of Seattle mainly because it’s a time to connect with guests face to face.

“As a chef, we are generally much more in the back managing the back house, the kitchen. It’s a great way to get out there, tell our story, and show what makes us unique and showcase that,” Crowder said.

Bite Of Seattle kicks off on Friday, July 21, at 10 a.m. at the Seattle Center. It’s free to get in and you can order ahead on the Cheq App.

Arrive early and be sure to bring your appetite!