AG Ferguson speaks in support of two gun control bills

VIDEO: New gun control legislation introduced

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson was in Olympia this morning speaking in support of two bills against so-called untraceable "ghost guns" and large-capacity magazines.

KIRO 7's Rob Munoz gives you the details on those bills, which are facing opposition from gun rights groups.

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"High-capacity magazines make shootings more deadly for obvious reasons. As was pointed out, those high capacity magazines -- you do not need to stop to reload," Ferguson said.

Ferguson is throwing his voice behind a pair of gun control measures being considered by the Law & Justice Committee in Olympia.

"They were used in Newton, Las Vegas, Aurora, Parkland. The Parkland shooting only came to an end when the shooter had to come to a stop to reload," he said.

Senate Bill 5061 seeks to ban so-called ghost guns, which do not have serial numbers and can even be made with plastic on a 3D printer.

Senate Bill 5062 would ban the sale and owning of gun magazines with more than 10 rounds, or "high-capacity magazines."

Today, opponents, including gun rights groups and a home invasion survivor, made the case that the guns are needed for protection.

"I live with this nightmare every single day. I stand before you as a crime survivor and I don't want to be a crime statistic," said Jane Millhauser, who lives in Pierce County.

Supporters of the bills wore orange at today's hearing.

Ferguson's office made Washington a part of a bipartisan group of states suing and getting an injunction against a Texas man who wanted to post gun schematics online.

More than 60 percent of Washington voters approved I-1639, which raised the age to buy a semi-automatic rifle, required enhanced background checks and made it possible to charge gun owners with a crime if their weapon is stolen and they don't report it.

Both bills must be passed out of committee before receiving any official floor votes.