After 18 years, KIRO 7 bids farewell to reporter Graham Johnson

SEATTLE — He looked right into the lens for most of his life.

Graham Johnson knew what he wanted to do at a very young age and he knew where he wanted to do it.

He spent time as a reporter and anchor for KOBI-TV in Medford, Oregon, where he was also a writer for Northwest Cable News.

Graham spent five years as a reporter at WPTZ-TV in Burlington, Vermont, before coming home to the Puget Sound and KIRO 7 News in April 2005.

It was Seattle where he grew up... and where he really started growing.

As Seattle’s growth exploded and took a larger place on the world stage, Graham covered its growing pains - including all of its aches.

From problems and expenses with the West Seattle Bridge, to when Bertha started tunneling through Seattle.

Graham always found a way to take the story below the surface - sometimes literally - so we could see the bigger issues that impact us on a day-to-day basis.

When it came to politics, Graham has never been afraid to ask the tough questions and look to hold those in power accountable.

And as for some of our region’s largest companies, Graham always would find a way to sift through the corporate jargon and he would make sense of the stories that are difficult to understand.

Graham also gave a voice to the people most impacted by news that didn’t want to face - but couldn’t avoid.

He explained how our region struggled to lean into the future without abandoning its past.

But now, in 2023, his growth is becoming our loss.

After 18 years, Graham is stepping away from the field and stepping into a job outside of news.

We’re sad to see him go, but we know he’ll keep pouring his passion, skill, and dedication into giving his voice to the community that grows around him.