8-year-old boy hurt in fall out of second-floor window

Shelby County Sheriff's Office said Brennan Fields accidentally shot and killed his girlfriend while trying to put a gun away.

SEATTLE — An 8-year-old boy has serious injuries after he fell out of a second-floor window in Seattle’s Lake City neighborhood.

It happened Saturday morning in the 14300 block of 30th Avenue Northeast.

Seattle fire said the child fell out of a screened window.

The boy was taken to Harborview in serious condition.

Last month, two toddlers fell out of windows at different apartment buildings in South Everett.

One happened at apartment complex just east of Paine Field.

Fire crews said a little boy likely pushed out a screen and then tumbled out of a second-floor window and onto a wooden deck.

The University of Washington said 40 to 50 children are treated for accidental falls every year.

Doctors said window stops can be installed that prevent windows from opening more than 4 inches.

Seattle fire provided safety information on preventing child falls at this link.

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