6 taken away in handcuffs during raucous Seattle City Council meeting

SEATTLE — Six people were arrested during a Seattle City Council meeting after disrupting the session and refusing to leave, according to police.

Officers were called to the council chambers at 2:55 p.m. Tuesday as demonstrators for refugee and migrant housing filled the room. Many got up to speak during the public comment period, but then loud outbursts and chants followed.

Those involved were told to leave but refused. They then were warned they would be arrested if they continued.

After refusing to stop after the warning, three men and three women were arrested for criminal trespass. One of the men was also charged with obstruction.

Most people in the chambers left peacefully.

Even after the room was cleared, screams could be heard outside, and some councilmembers said they were concerned about their safety.

“It is more than loud, it is a physical threat to the safety of each of us on this council, and it is a threat to the operation of our city and our institution; and I want the record to be clear: I felt threatened,” said councilmember Cathy Moore.

After a recess of nearly an hour, the council meeting continued.

The six arrested were booked into the King County Jail.

In a statement, the City Council said to be clear, the disturbance was caused by protesters and not the refugees who the city has been working with to provide shelter.