On 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, many in Seattle continue fight for federal abortion rights

SEATTLE — Sunday marked 50 years since the Supreme Court protected federal abortion rights in the famous Roe v. Wade decision. But on Jan. 24, it will have been seven months since the Supreme Court reversed Roe, a decision that rolled back abortion rights across the country.

“We are here to say that we won’t go back, that we are going to keep the fight up,” said Emma Allen with Puget Sound Mobilization of Reproductive Justice.

In the early afternoon on Sunday, several abortion rights groups gathered in downtown Seattle for a march and rally to commemorate the 50th anniversary as well as voice their concerns with abortion rights going forward. Some organizers say this anniversary is one felt with mixed emotions.

“It’s a time for grief. It’s a time for anger,” Margo Heights said.

An anger they say is still felt months later.

“Because the overturing of abortion rights was totally illegitimate and it’s not something people should ever accept or get used to,” Heights said.

The march started at St. James Cathedral in Seattle. Organizers say they started at the church because they believe Catholicism has had a harmful impact on abortion rights. The march ended at the corner of 12th Avenue and East James Court near Seattle University. Many in Sunday’s crowd believe Roe v. Wade was about more than abortion.

“Not just abortion rights, but reproductive rights. Whether it be birth control, whether it be the right to bodily autonomy in all forms, especially trans rights,” Allen said.

They hope to see more people fight for abortion rights.

“People need to be continuing to fight for abortion rights. This can’t be a decades and decades long struggle to get this right back,” Heights said.