2 Washington cities ranked among ‘most relaxed’ cities

A new report released Wednesday of the most relaxed cities in the country this year included two cities in Washington.

Bellevue and Seattle were ranked in the top 10 American cities where people are most relaxed.

LawnStarter’s 2021 study ranked over 190 of the biggest cities based on dozens of factors, including access to spas and wellness centers, low depression rate, percentage of adults with high blood pressure, and the average length of a workday.

It also included factors such as median household income, air quality and crime rates.

Here are the top 10 most relaxed cities, as ranked by the study:

1. Sunnyvale, California

2. Arlington, Virginia

3. San Francisco, California

4. Bellevue, Washington

5. Seattle, Washington

6. Naperville, Illinois

7. Garden Grove, California

8. Fort Collins, Colorado

9. Fullerton, California

10. Honolulu, Hawaii

Here are the cities ranked as most stressed by the study:

182. Augusta, Georgia

183. St. Louis, Missouri

184. Little Rock, Arkansas

185. Cleveland, Ohio

186. Chattanooga, Tennessee

187. Clarksville, Tennessee

188. Shreveport, Louisiana

189. Detroit, Michigan

190. Memphis, Tennessee

191. Kansas City, Kansas