Four arrested during New Year’s Eve demonstrations in Seattle

SEATTLE — Four people were arrested during New Year’s Eve demonstrations in Seattle’s Capitol Hill area, police said.

One person was arrested for property damage, another for obstruction and two others for vandalizing the East Precinct.

The first person was arrested around 10 p.m. at East Marion Street and 12th Avenue.

Police said the suspect had fireworks and a glass bottle filled with gasoline on him when he was arrested.

Not long after, police said the group lit a flag on fire, blocking the intersection of 12th Avenue and East Pine Street, and set off fireworks. Officers then issued a dispersal order.

The demonstrators eventually kept marching, and on their way to Cal Anderson Park a person in the group broke several large windows at a business located at 12th Avenue and East Olive Street, police said. That person was not identified.

However, two people from the group accused of vandalizing the East Precinct were arrested.

Another person with a second group was arrested for obstruction during a demonstration outside the King County Youth Services Center, police said.

According to authorities, employees reported that at about 10:30 p.m. fireworks were being set off toward the building and the group was possibly attempting to enter the facility.

The group eventually dispersed.

Sometime earlier, police said they had warned the marchers “not to commit acts of property destruction or obstruct traffic.”