15-year-old girl says she was abducted and raped in Tacoma

A 15-year-old Tacoma girl said she was abducted and raped as she walked home from summer school in the Lincoln district.

A relative told KIRO 7 it was around noon Wednesday and the girl had left Lincoln High School. She was walking the 10 blocks to her home when a car pulled up next to her on Pacific Avenue.

“A man came up to her and shoved her in the car,” the relative said. “And demanded sex from her, and got very forceful with her. Of course she was scared to death.”

KIRO 7 is not identifying the relative in order to help protect the victim’s identity due to her age.

The woman said after the girl was raped, the man dropped her off on South G Street, throwing money at her before driving away.

Her father had already begun driving through the area searching for her because she was late coming home. He found the 15-year-old wandering through the neighborhood.

“[He] had gone out looking for her and started going down side streets and found her hysterically crying,” the relative said.

Her relative said the girl had trouble remember details because of the initial trauma. After a day, her memory began returning.

Tacoma police confirm they have taken a report -- but say the victim has not undergone a forensic interview yet -- and they can't talk about the case at this point. The girl's family is scared because they say her attacker is still out there.

“We just need to get this guy known and need to get him off the streets before something else happens.”

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