'Conservative' student said she became hate crime victim due to her political views

Surveillance video shows a self-described "conservative student" trying to escape a fellow student she said is trying to run her down with his car. The woman said the two got into a heated discussion about her politically conservative views.

The driver showed up to classes Monday but was immediately barred from the South Seattle College campus while he is being investigated.

The alleged victim and her dad are upset that he hasn't already been arrested after what she says happened last week in this parking lot.

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The surveillance video shows Katie Daviscourt walking through the parking lot at South Seattle College last Thursday as a black SUV comes into view.

"All of a sudden this car comes flying behind me at maximum speed," she said.

Katie Daviscourt is still shaken four days later.

"Mind you, he is not looking at the road once," she says. "He's staring me down. And that is when I realize this man is either trying to kill me or ... he's either going to hit me as a pedestrian or he's going to hit me when I back out of my vehicle."

At one point, she crouched down to escape the driver.

"So I tried to get behind the car and snap a photo of his license plate," she said. "And at that point, I start calling 911 because I know I have a big issue on my hands."

He eventually hit another vehicle and kept going.

Their confrontation began earlier, according to Katie Daviscourt, during a campus recruiting event for a new chapter of the conservative group Turning Point USA she formed just two weeks ago. She said they argued over her "Big Government Sucks" sign.

He took exception to it.

"Yes, he did," Katie Daviscourt said. "And you know what, he didn't actually give me his views. So I don't know what political party he aligns with or even if he does.  But I know it is not mine."

The situation is troubling to her dad.

"I mean how can this guy chase my daughter, almost hit her a couple of times with his vehicle, get into an accident right there on a corner on a hit-and-run, flee the scene and nothing's happened?" said Kurt Daviscourt.

Katie Daviscourt said she would like to see the man arrested and charged.

Late Monday, a Seattle police detective said they do have a license plate. They aren't yet sure who was actually driving the vehicle. He said they are investigating this as a hate crime and a hit-and-run.

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