• A look inside Seattle's first legal pot tour

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    SEATTLE - Participants went along on Washington's state first-ever legal pot tour on Sunday afternoon. The first stop was Nathan Aweida's glass-blowing shop, The Boro School, in South Seattle. "This is the first and I'm really excited to be a part of it," participant Amber Reed said. 

    Reed, who has used medical marijuana for chronic leg pain, was one of seven participants on the tour who watched Aweida make a glass pipe  "Do you foresee this being something like a food tour, a brewery tour, those kinds of things?" KIRO 7 asked Reed. "You know, I think it's going to take some time, but absolutely," she said. 

    Aweida said the way people view industries associated with marijuana is evolving.  "I used to get a lot more grief, I would say, over what I do... from some people," he said.  "We want this hands-on experience to really break the public stigma," Kush Tourism CEO Michael Gordon said.  

    Gordon has big hopes for his budding business. Denver already has a pot tour underway, but this tour has a distinct difference. "This is a non-smoking tour," he said. Gordon admits that he's testing the waters to see if enough people are willing to pay the $150 ticket cost and what they want to experience. In Ballard, participants learned about Ettalew's Medibles: food infused with cannabis.  "Eating a whole bar is extremely not recommended," founder Alison Draisin said.

    The flour in the graham cracker crust is infused with hash.  "You cannot taste the cannabis at all," she said. People on the tour also learned how to trim buds before their last stop, a cooking class with pot in West Seattle. The next tour is scheduled for April, but Gordon hopes this one will start some buzz beforehand. He said in the summer, he aims to run one tour every week.

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