Online food ordering is anything but ‘Heaven Sent’ for beloved Seattle restaurant

Everett, WA — Heaven Sent Fried Chicken has people from all over the region calling into experience its signature dishes.

“It’s been amazing. Truly amazing,” says owner Ezell Stephens.

Ezell has an issue, though. A company called Bring Me That is taking orders online for Heaven Sent and charging customers five bucks for the service.

“I was very, very disturbed by that,” says Ezell. “Because you have someone making money off my great reputation and great food that’s doing nothing.”

See, here’s the issue:

“You can’t place an order online. You can only place an order through the store, talking to the restaurant itself. That’s the only way you can place an order,” says Ezell. “On the phone.”

“It’s the best! It’s - and he’s an independent operator. He’s got two restaurants and he’s been employing the community for decades. And so, I have to back up a guy like that,” says Rupert Kettle, a fan of Heaven Sent.

Rupert and his wife, Carlotta Cellucci, say they used Bring Me That to order from Heaven Sent’s Everett location. Their order did not go through, and the company sent an email with a link to other restaurants instead.

“And then, when the restaurant doesn’t play along to say - well, oh why don’t you use that restaurant, why don’t you go to somebody that will play along with us?” says Carlotta.

And Ezell’s take?

“Haha, yeah. Bring me that - your money! That’s what they’re talking about,” he says.

So after all of this, Bring Me That posted this on their website saying: “we do not support restaurants in heaven sent fried chicken.”

So why is their Lake City Way location still online? And charging a $4.99 service fee. Remember, Heaven Sent does not have a portal to order their chicken online.

But I want to know what they are going to do for that $4.99.

So, I ordered some chicken. And I found out all Bring Me That did was call the restaurant with my order.

My chicken was right on time. But remember - it cost five dollars for me to have somebody else call here to get it.

Bring Me That did not respond to our emails. But the FAQ section on their site tells the tale:

“Since we’re just getting started, we don’t yet have a direct relationship with some of our listed restaurants. To make sure our customers can still order online, we personally phone in the orders.”

Ezell isn’t happy about Bring Me That. All he wants is for his customers to get what they paid for.

Bottom line: don’t google a website and blindly click a link Look at the site! Because if not, your prospects at getting what you want, maybe far from heaven-sent.

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