Helicopter used to remove power pole from East Bremerton pond

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EAST BREMERTON, Wash. — On Wednesday, May 22, Puget Sound Energy crews worked to remove a power pole from the middle of a pond in East Bremerton using a helicopter crew.

The power pole had been installed decades ago, and the retention pond in the Treemont neighborhood had formed around it.

A crew hanging from a helicopter was flown over to the pole to disconnect the lines. Once the lines were disconnected, a larger helicopter came in to remove the power pole while another crew in a boat used a chainsaw to cut it from the bottom.

Andrew Padula, Media Engagement Consultant, said that Puget Sound Energy works on projects like this throughout their service territory:

“This project, which included installing two poles on each side of the pond, will help us continue to deliver safe and reliable energy to those in the area.”

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