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Armed intruder jumps out of third-story window

ISSAQUAH, Wash. — Police say an armed intruder jumped out of a third story apartment window after being confronted by a tenant.

Ryan Klee was able to capture striking images as the suspect took a big leap.

Klee was walking his dogs at about 6 a.m. on Tuesday, June 4 and returned to his secured apartment complex in Issaquah after 10 minutes.

"I opened the door and the guy is going through my backpack that's just sitting right here," Klee says, “He tried to maneuver around me, tried to push me out of the way and we ended up grabbing each other a little bit.”

The suspect wanted to leave but Klee was concerned about what else the suspect would do. He didn't know if the man had intentions to break into as many apartments as he could.

"I would feel horrible if I let him go and found out later that he hurt somebody else," Klee said.

The suspect then grabbed a large knife in Klee's kitchen and started making violent threats.

"He was saying, 'I will effing gut you' and putting the knife up to my stomach. Then, he said 'I'll cut your throat' and put it up to my neck as well," he said, “I said, 'The only way you're going to leave out of here is you could either be escorted by the police or you can go out the window.'"

He just didn't think the suspect would do it.

Issaquah police arrested Ryan Dresser, who has a violent criminal history. In December, he pleaded guilty to two separate robberies, resulting in months of prison time. Since 2013, court records show Dresser has had eight felony warrants for his arrest.

His bail amount was set at $100,000. Prosecutors say he is an extreme risk to the community and is likely to commit another violent offense if released.

Police say Klee was able to keep control of an alarming situation and even managed to make the suspect hand over his identification.

"I definitely surprised my own self that I did that, and that I was able to think on the fly," he said.

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