• 'Deadliest Catch' fisherman furious about government shutdown

    By: Graham Johnson


    SEATTLE -  

    Keith Colburn, a Seattle fisherman and star of the reality series "Deadliest Catch," testified on Capitol Hill Friday about the impact of the government shutdown. Colburn is poised to miss the start of the king crab season next week because federal workers who would issue him permits are furloughed.

    "On behalf of all fishermen, I'm asking Congress to end the shutdown now," Colburn told the Senate Commerce Committee. "I'm a small businessman in a big ocean with big bills and I need to go fishing."

    Colburn is worried foreign competitors will move in on the market for selling crab to Japan. And experts say if Seattle-based fishermen aren't catching crab, prices for consumers could rise to $40 per pound. Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell says the shutdown impact on our area also includes three weather buoys in the Pacific Ocean that aren't working. They're not being repaired because of the shutdown, which makes accurately forecasting storms more difficult.

    "Not understanding whether the storm is going to hit in Seattle and what needs to be done or whether it will go to British Columbia -- that's where we were last weekend because there weren't people on the job," Cantwell said.


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